Clinical Trials

Bladder Cancer Clinical Trials

Bladder Cancer Clinical Trials

Finding out about bladder cancer clinical trials can be extremely complicated & confusing. So we’ve provided information to help explain all about clinical trials and given you the most user-friendly method to search for clinical trials.

Clinical Trials Videos and Information

Find everything you need to know about the clinical trial process and eligibility criteria.


Understanding Clinical Trials and Research (A guide for people affected by cancer) booklet – Cancer Council

Finding a Clinical Trial 

There are multiple clinical trial sites on the internet, which makes it very confusing. So we have cut through the confusion for you and recommend using the Australian Government - Australian Clinical Trials website as your one-stop shop. It does all the work for you by searching the major clinical trial registries and presenting them in a user-friendly way.

However the language used in these clinical trial papers is still very technical and difficult to understand. So we absolutely advise that you speak to professionals to get a better understanding of any clinical trial that you have identified. Cancer Council and Rare Cancers Australia help & information support teams are great to do this, and of course you should most definitely talk to your urologist or oncologist.

The most user-friendly search engine for you to find clinical trials.
Performs a live search of all trials registered on Australian New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry and Registry.

Online registry of clinical trials being undertaken in Australia & NZ only.
Feeds into the international registry.

Online registry of clinical trials conducted around the world.
Considered the worldwide central registry for all clinical trials.