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Bladder Cancer Urology / Oncology Nurse Education

Bladder Cancer

This Bladder Cancer education course designed for Urology / Oncology nurses comprises four modules which follow the patient journey. Each module consists of a combination of medical professional videos, patient videos, and information sheets. Please work through the modules in sequence.

The full course will take you approx. 3-4 hours to complete. On completion you will be eligible for 4 CPD points.

Important: Please choose the content that is most relevant for your role, skillset and experience. It may be brand new learning, a good refresher course, or something that you have deep expertise already. The course is highly modular so you can choose!

We hope that you enjoy the experience and come away energised with your new bladder cancer expertise! Please feedback if you would like to see any improvements or additional content. This training is for you, and we want it to fully meet your needs.