Here you will find information to help you understand bladder cancer symptoms.

Bladder cancer can often be invasive and aggressive, so acting quickly is really important. Blood in your pee is an early bladder cancer symptom easily misdiagnosed as a urinary tract infection. Don’t be afraid to ask your GP for further tests to discount bladder cancer. It can take hold quickly, but if you catch it early you can have a good chance of surviving it.


Short video clips from patients/carers and medical professionals explaining what to expect


Further information to help you understand the signs of bladder cancer in more depth

You may have been experiencing blood in your urine or other urinary difficulties or pain. Find out the risk factors and signs of bladder cancer and why you need to act quickly.

You are exhibiting bladder cancer symptoms, and you may feel confused and upset. We have detailed what to expect when you visit your GP, what tests they may perform, and what they will likely recommend as the next steps.

A framework to assist patients to communicate effectively with their GP during the investigation of a possible bladder cancer diagnosis. It outlines what tests should be done, when & why so as to receive appropriate & timely referral.


Questions to help you have informed discussions with your medical professionals

Download these questions to take to your GP at your initial visit when presenting with urinary symptoms.

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