Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer (MIBC)

Bladder Cancer Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer (MIBC)

Your bladder cancer treatment plan should be discussed in detail with all the relevant medical professionals and people closest to you. There are a range of potential treatment options including chemotherapy, radiation, surgery or a combination. Your medical team will assist you in selecting the best option according to your diagnosis.


Short video clips from patients/carers and medical professionals explaining what to expect


Further information to help you understand bladder cancer treatment options in more depth

There are many options. Don’t feel overwhelmed. We’ve provided you with a detailed easy-to-understand guide to the various treatments, what they entail, why they may have been recommended for you and what their outcomes may be.

Bladder cancer treatment may include the removal of your bladder. A common urinary diversion is via an opening in the skin called a stoma. Here are some stoma frequently asked questions many patients ask about life with a stoma.

Find out about the impacts bladder cancer surgery can have on your life and how you can best manage these.

You are not alone. There is lots of very good informational, emotional, practical and peer support available to help you and your family.

It is really important to consider your health and wellbeing during your bladder cancer treatment. Here is some great advice.


Questions to help you have informed discussions with your medical professionals

Download these questions to take to your Surgeon when discussing cancer surgery options following your diagnosis.

Download these questions to take to your Oncologist for muscle invasive bladder cancer.

Download these question to take to your Radiation Oncologist when discussing radiation therapy following your diagnosis.