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Please explore the information, experiences and practical advice to help you through your bladder cancer journey.

Anna's Story

Our Inspiration

Anna Lynch was 45, a mother of two young children and a loving wife to Adam. In September 2017, after a 14-month battle with bladder cancer, she tragically passed away.
Anna showed none of the typical bladder cancer risk factors – she was fit and healthy, a practicing nutritionist, and a very calm person.

Despite the best medical care available, Anna’s battle was – at every stage – the ‘worst case scenario’. She endured a radical cystectomy with neobladder, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy, but there was just no getting ahead of the disease.

“Anna was my wife. I am so very proud of her grace, her bravery, her thoughtfulness for others, her strength, and her unwavering positivity. During her illness, she inspired so many people to see the beauty that is all around us; and to slow down, to stop ‘doing’ and just ‘be’ - this was her legacy.

Anna was the inspiration for the creation of BEAT Bladder Cancer Australia Inc. We are here because of her. We are here to help prevent this tragic story from tearing apart the lives of other families.”

- Adam Lynch, Anna’s husband and President of BEAT Bladder Cancer Australia Inc.

Your Story

It helps to hear about other people’s experiences. You are not alone. Hear from patients and carers on their bladder cancer journey, how it changed their life, and how they are dealing with it.

If you would like to share your story, please contact us at

In 2018, it was estimated there would be 1,196 deaths from bladder cancer in Australia

We want to change that.

If detected early, the risk of dying from bladder cancer is substantially decreased.

Our Community

The voice and actions of the community are so very powerful. They make people sit up, think and act. When people see things happening, it creates a snowball effect, and they want to get involved.

BEAT is a small dedicated group of people who have the common hope of one day beating bladder cancer. We are committed people, who’ve all been affected in some way by bladder cancer, but we can’t achieve our goals without you. If you’re a patient, a carer, a friend, a GP, a specialist, an allied health professional, an NFP/charity, a pharmaceutical company, or a researcher you are part of our community. We’d love to hear from you…