Bladder Cancer Resources

We have provided you with comprehensive, patient-centric, peer reviewed bladder cancer information and support in Australia. For other related information and support we'd like to recommend the following sites to you.

Bladder Cancer Support Groups & Discussion Communities

Bladder Cancer Support: Australia/New ZealandAustralia / New Zealand

Independent closed Facebook group with 700+ members. Providing fantastic sharing and support for Aus/NZ patients & carers

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Cancer Council Online CommunityAustralia

An online community where people affected by cancer and their carers, family and friends can give and receive peer support, available 24/7.

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Fight Bladder Cancer: SupportUK

Part of UK charity Fight Bladder Cancer. Confidential Facebook support group for those with bladder cancer and their carers

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Other Bladder Cancer Charities

Cancer CouncilAustralia

We particularly like the downloadable booklet “Understanding Bladder Cancer” which considers all aspects of the bladder cancer experience

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Fight Bladder CancerUK

An excellent website with some great information and really helpful & practical download sheets

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Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network (BCAN) USA

Good website knowledge base providing bladder cancer information and webinars/videos

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Bladder Cancer CanadaCanada

A really great and comprehensive website. The patient guidebooks are fantastic, offering valuable information and tips.

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BEAT Bladder Cancer Australia Resources

If you would like multiple copies of our brochures for your health care practice, workplace, conference or community event, we can also send them to you. Just let us know by emailing your details to

BEAT Bladder Cancer Australia Brochure


Bladder Cancer  Support Group Brochure


Bladder Cancer Symptoms Brochure


Bladder Cancer Awareness Flyer