Patient Journey

Trying to find the bladder cancer information you want is often confusing and completely overwhelming. So we have presented this for you in a single end-to-end patient journey. You can click anywhere below to take you to whatever you need.

1. Symptoms

Symptoms of bladder cancer

Haematuria (blood in the urine)

Patient experiences: Symptoms


What is bladder cancer and what are the symptoms?

Your GP experience – assessment, tests & diagnosis


GP – your initial visit when presenting with urinary symptoms

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2. Diagnosis

Your GP visit - you have symptoms, what's next?

Accessing the healthcare system in Australia

Early detection and screening

Your visit to the Urologist: the initial visit

Your visit to the Urologist: making the diagnosis

Patient experiences: Diagnosis


Your GP experience – assessment, tests & bladder cancer diagnosis

Your Urologist experience – advanced testing & diagnosis


GP - following results of initial tests

Urologist - your initial visit following GP referral

Urologist - your tumour pathology test results

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3. Treatment

Treatment of bladder cancer

The surgical treatment of bladder cancer

Life after bladder cancer surgery

Chemotherapy for non muscle-invasive bladder cancer

Chemotherapy for muscle-invasive bladder cancer

Radiation Therapy

Palliative care - living better with illness

The future

Patient experiences: Treatment


Bladder cancer treatment

Clinical Trials

BCG frequently asked questions

BCG patient experiences

Stoma frequently asked questions


Urologist  your treatment options

Surgeon – bladder cancer surgery options following diagnosis

Oncologist – non-muscle invasive bladder cancer

Oncologist – muscle invasive bladder cancer

Radiation Oncologist - radiation therapy options following diagnosis

Oncologist  clinical trials

Oncologist – advanced cancer / palliative care

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4. Support

Patient support

Patient experiences: Support


Your multidisciplinary medical team

Bladder cancer support services

Patient & carer support groups

Cancer Council “Info & Support 13 11 20”

Cancer Council “Cancer Connect”

Rare Cancers Australia “Support Helpline”

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5. Health & Wellbeing

Bladder Cancer support services

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6. Life after Treatment

Patient experiences: Life after treatment


Life after bladder cancer surgery - short & long term

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