Patient Journey

Trying to find the bladder cancer information you want is often confusing and completely overwhelming. So we have presented this for you in a single end-to-end patient journey. You can click anywhere below to take you to whatever you need.

1. Symptoms

Symptoms of bladder cancer

Haematuria (blood in the urine)

Patient experiences: Symptoms


What is bladder cancer and what are the symptoms?

Your GP experience – assessment, tests & diagnosis


GP – your initial visit when presenting with urinary symptoms

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2. Diagnosis

Your GP visit - you have symptoms, what's next?

Accessing the healthcare system in Australia

Early detection and screening

Your visit to the Urologist: the initial visit

Your visit to the Urologist: making the diagnosis

Patient experiences: Diagnosis


Your GP experience – assessment, tests & bladder cancer diagnosis

Your Urologist experience – advanced testing & diagnosis


GP - following results of initial tests

Urologist - your initial visit following GP referral

Urologist - your tumour pathology test results

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3. Treatment

Treatment of bladder cancer

The surgical treatment of bladder cancer

Life after bladder cancer surgery

Chemotherapy for non muscle-invasive bladder cancer

Chemotherapy for muscle-invasive bladder cancer

Palliative care - living better with illness

The future

Patient experiences: Treatment

Radiation Oncology Video 1: Radiation Therapy Explained

Radiation Oncology Video 2: Life During and After Radiation Therapy

Bladder Cancer - The Oncologists Perspective

Radical Cystectomy, Urinary Diversions and Robotic Surgery for the Treatment of Bladder Cancer


Bladder cancer treatment

Clinical Trials

BCG frequently asked questions

BCG patient experiences

Stoma frequently asked questions


Surgeon – bladder cancer surgery options following diagnosis

Oncologist – non-muscle invasive bladder cancer

Oncologist – muscle invasive bladder cancer

Radiation Oncologist - radiation therapy options following diagnosis

Oncologist  clinical trials

Oncologist – advanced cancer / palliative care

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4. Support

Patient support

Patient experiences: Support


Your multidisciplinary medical team

Bladder cancer support services

Patient & carer support groups

Cancer Council “Info & Support 13 11 20”

Cancer Council “Cancer Connect”

Rare Cancers Australia “Support Helpline”

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5. Health & Wellbeing

Complementary and Integrative Health 1: What is Integrative Oncology and Complementary Therapy

Complementary Health 2: Integrative Oncology and the Management of Common Bladder Cancer Symptoms

Complementary and Integrative Health 3: Supporting Patients During and After Therapy

Complementary and Integrative Health 4: Medical Cannabis and the Cost of Complementary Therapies

Exercise Video 1: The Benefits of Exercise and the Australian Physical Activity Recommendations

Exercise Video Video 2: Determining the Intensity Level of Your Exercise

Exercise Video Video 3: Exercise pre operative and post operative

Exercise Video Video 4: Exercise during treatment

Nutrition Video 1: Nutrition to help prevent Bladder Cancer

Nutrition Video Video 2: Nutrition for Bladder Cancer Patients

Nutrition Video Video 3: FAQs Nutrition and Bladder Cancer

Nutrition Video Video 4: Nutrition to Support Caregivers

Wellness Video 1: What is Wellness and what evidence is it based on

Wellness Video 2: Wellness and Bladder Cancer

Wellness Video 3: Wellness and Caregivers

Wellness Video 4: Wellness and Medical Benefits


Bladder Cancer support services

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6. Life after Treatment

Patient experiences: Life after treatment


Life after bladder cancer surgery - short & long term

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