Here you will find information to help you understand your bladder cancer diagnosis and what to do next.

Diagnosing bladder cancer involves a cystoscopy, where a biopsy is taken for testing. Positive bladder cancer diagnosis results can then lead to additional tests and scans to determine the type, stage and grade of the cancer. This can take several weeks and can be confronting. It helps to fully understand bladder cancer staging and the implications of your diagnosis.


Short video clips from patients/carers and medical professionals explaining what to expect


Further information to help you understand bladder cancer staging in more depth

You are exhibiting bladder cancer symptoms, and you may feel confused and upset. We have detailed what to expect when you visit your GP, what tests they may perform, and what they will likely recommend as the next steps.

Your GP experience – assessment, tests & bladder cancer diagnosis

Your visit to the urologist is important and will give you much better information about the type, stage and grade of the cancer you may have. We have detailed the variety of possible tests you may need, why they may have been recommended and what they will tell you.

Your Urologist experience – advanced testing & diagnosis


Questions to help you have informed discussions with your medical professionals

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