Bladder Cancer Support

Bladder Cancer Support & Living with Bladder Cancer

Here you will find information on the bladder cancer services that are available to support a patient through their bladder cancer journey.

The support of friends and loved ones is so very important. There is also emotional and practical professional help at hand, as well as health & wellbeing support. Patients can also benefit from the sharing of lived experiences from others who have been through a similar journey.


Further information to help you understand bladder cancer support options in more depth

Our monthly support group is held online via Zoom and is offered to patients & carers across the whole of Australia to share, learn and support one another. We regularly invite professional guest speakers to present on topics related to bladder cancer.

Cancer Council service: Health care professionals who provide free and confidential information and support, and offer referral pathways for emotional and practical assistance. The 13 11 20 team have bladder cancer expertise that will complement and broaden the support the patient receives from their medical team.

Rare Cancers Australia service: Providing information, resources, and a support network no matter which stage of the journey the patient may be in.

Carer Gateway is an Australian Government program providing free services and support for carers. They work with a range of health and carer organisations across Australia to provide services to carers no matter where they live in Australia.

We know it’s difficult to navigate the specialist care the patient might need. We’ve listed the medical personnel the patient might meet along their journey and what each one is responsible for.

A range of downloadable brochures and posters that can be shared with patients and their families, as well as for sharing with your colleagues in your clinic or community.

A range of videos covering exercise, nutrition, wellness, complementary therapies and sexual intimacy in the context of a patient going through their bladder cancer journey.